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All medical information posted on this website ( has been reviewed by our editor:

Dr. Josep Vázquez Cruz: Graduate and Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery, Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona. Neurology and Medical Pharmaceutical Industry, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. 

Medical Information

It is not expected that the information posted on our website ( will be used as a substitute of clinical advice. Healthcare Professionals are the main source of information for patients and public opinion, all the information posted on our website must not be used as a substitute of it.


The information of our website ( is addressed to Healthcare Professionals and General Public.

Financial support

SOLTI declares having received financial support from Janssen Cilag as a main sponsor but guarantees editorial independence and no conflict of interests on this matter. 

Commercial policy

Our website ( will not allow any type of commercial information or ads. As a nonprofit organization, the content is focused on informing about the group as in its latest news and events. 


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