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About us

SOLTI is a non-profit organization dedicated to clinical research in breast cancer. Established in 1995, the clinical trials performed by SOLTI are designed to answer questions of major scientific interest and clinical relevance about the different tumor subtypes of breast cancer and its responses to new treatments, as well as to convey proposals for new molecules. 

Currently SOLTI has:

  •  A broad network of leading hospital centers in the four countries where the group has members: Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. 
  •  A group of more than 200 nationally and internationally acknowledged researchers. 
  •  More than 40 highly qualified professionals for the local and global management of clinical operations involved in clinical trials management. 

More than 200 oncologists united with the same goal

As a non-profit organization, SOLTI has the following representative bodies:


  • The General Members Assembly

The General Members Assembly, consisting of more than 200 oncologists and other health professionals involved in the development of clinical trials that are associated to the group. 



  • The Governing Board

The Governing Board, upon which rests the organization government. The current SOLTI Governing Board consists of:



In addition, SOLTI has two bodies monitoring the proposals accuracy and feasibility and the group projection among its stakeholders. 



  • The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible of the generation of new clinical trial proposals as well as to study, modify, approve and award scientific projects within the group. All this in coordination with the Scientific Department. The Scientific Committee is composed for:


  • The Institutional Relations Committee

The Institutional Relations Committee is responsible of giving visibility to SOLTI among the scientific community and society as well as promoting a sense of belonging among its members, working closely with the Communications Department.

VII SOLTI Scientific Meeting - Emerging Technologies in Precision Medicine: An Evolving Pipeline

VII SOLTI Scientific Meeting - Emerging Technologies in Precision Medicine: An Evolving Pipeline
Event Type:
Scientific Event
Begin Date:
18 November 2016, 09:45
End Date:
18 November 2016, 15:00
La Casa del Lector, Paseo de la Chopera, 14. Madrid




SAVE THE DATE: 24th October 2017


Because every patient is singular.
Because every tumor is different.
Because therapies must be customized.





Available slides from speakers:


Ana Vivancos - NGS in tissue and liquid biopsies

Manel Esteller - Clinical utility of DNA methylation analysis: EPICUP

Lisa Carey - Use of gene signatures

Maurizio Scaltriti - Protein based assay: how close are they to reaching clinic?

Fabrice André - Big picture: omic databases integration

Jordi Rodón - Screening programs worldwide


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