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Scientific Summits

Biannual meeting inspired by the latest news in oncology that combines review lectures and debates: an ideal environment for interdisciplinary exchange.


ENVISION SUMMIT: "Drawing the portrait of the future therapeutic strategies in breast cancer"

ENVISION SUMMIT: "Drawing the portrait of the future therapeutic strategies in breast cancer"

Event Type:
Scientific Event
Begin Date:
24 November 2017, 09:45
End Date:
24 November 2017, 14:45
Casa del Lector (Paseo de la Chopera, 14, 28045 - Madrid)



09.45h – 10.00h | Welcome
Aleix Prat, SOLTI Scientific Committee Coordinator

10.00h – 10.05h | Pre-session interactive questions
Chair: Judith Balmaña, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona

10.05h – 10.35h | Targeting DNA repair pathway: Revealing the widening landscape of DNA repair modulators
Andrew Tutt. Institute of Cancer Research, London

10.35h – 10.40h | Interactive answers

10.40h – 10.55h | Discussion: speakers-audience

10.55h – 11.00h | Pre-session interactive questions
Chair: Eva Ciruelos, Hospital Universitario 12 de octubre, Madrid

11.00h – 11.30h | CDK4/6 inhibition: shaping the upcoming standard of care in luminal disease (and beyond?)
Speaker: Sibylle Loibl, German Breast Group, Neu-Isenburg

11.30h – 11.35h | Interactive answers

11.35h – 11.50h | Discussion: speakers-audience

11.50h – 12.10h | Coffee

Exhibition: Academia and Pharma partnership. Boosting clinical research.

12.10h – 12.15h | Pre-session interactive questions
Chair: Cristina Saura, Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona

12.15h – 12.45h | Tints and shades of PI3K pathway inhibition: finding the right strategy
Speaker: Dejan Juric, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

12.45h – 12.50h | Interactive answers

12.50h – 13.05h | Discussion: speakers-audience

13.05h – 13.10h | Pre-session interactive questions
Chair: Luis de la Cruz, Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Macarena, Sevilla

13.10h – 13.40h | Spotlight on immuno-oncology: conceptualizing the right approaches for breast cancer subtypes
Speaker: Fabrice André, Institute Gustave Roussy, Villejuif

13.40h – 13.45h | Interactive answers

13.45h – 14.00h | Discussion: speakers-audience

14.00h – 15.00h | Networking lunch


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