SOLTI is a leading cooperative group in the field of clinical cancer research. With a consolidated track record of more than 25 years, its main activity focuses on the design and execution of translational clinical studies within the academic field. The main focus is on breast cancer, but its scope covered includes other tumors. With the accumulated experience of 80 clinical trials and more than 30 in progress, SOLTI gathers the work of 480 researchers from a network comprising more than 100 hospitals in Spain, Portugal and Ireland all coordinated by a team of more than 60 employees from the headquarters. SOLTI is a member of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) and, in addition to its scientific activity, has a Medical and Patient Education program with multiple annual initiatives. SOLTI’s mission is to utilize disruptive means to develop innovative research that will improve the well-being and future outcomes of cancer patients.

Based on our CORPORATE VALUES, we work to promote innovative research by accompanying our experts in the development of translational clinical trials in oncology, especially in breast cancer.


Our mission is an innovative research to improve prognosis and well-being of patients with breast cancer and other tumors.


Our vision is to optimize cancer treatment throughout knowledge generation from the academic field.


Our professionals are oncologists and specialists from different disciplines related to the management and treatment of cancer patients.

We have our own medical outreach and scientific training program with the aim of enhancing the talent of professionals and young researchers.

We promote a training program, both at a health and social level, so that patients actively participate in the management of their disease.


¿Qué son los ensayos clínicos
y por qué son importantes?

¿Cómo nace un ensayo clínico
y qué actores están implicados?

¿Quién puede participar en un ensayo clínico y por qué es beneficioso?

¿Qué tipo de ensayos clínicos
existen en oncología?

¿Qué son los grupos cooperativos
y por qué son importantes?

¿Qué es la investigación clínica, académica y traslacional?

¿Qué es la medicina de precisión
y cómo aplica en oncología?

¿Cuáles son los últimos hallazgos
en cáncer de mama?

¿Hacia dónde va la
investigación en cáncer?

SOLTI takes part in all clinical research development phases, since it has a large scientific platform and has the skills to manage all the stages of a clinical trial, from the first idea, also the concept development until its start-up and initiation process, also including study global management and results dissemination.

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